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Kaneki - An Old Folk Style Inn 


Our hot spring is Gensen-Kakenagashi, meaning hot spring water
flows into our buthtubs directly from the source, and is never diluted or re-circulated. A trickle keeps flowing into the tubs 24 hours a day so that the water is always clean and pure!  There are no showers or individual baths at Kaneki - all bathing is done in the two private hot spring rooms.


Don't worry, our English speaking owner will teach you all the Japanese bathing customs and traditions. 



Public Bathhouse


The village public bathhouse is just across the street from our inn. Long a staple of Japanese life in all towns and cities, the Sawatari Bathhouse boasts the same pure waters as our inn.  Our guests can bathe as many times as desired free of charge at this local spot, which is much loved by the local community members and people from surrounding communities.   It is a great place to experience Japanese village life.


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