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”Kaneki is one of the most relaxing places I have encountered as an Amerincan living in Japan.  I think it would be a great experience for visitors to Japan as well. 


The owner, Hisako, spent 7 years living in the US, and is able to explain the interesting customs of Japanese inn culture.  You can get back to basics here; rest, hike the surrounding hills where you can hear monkeys playing in the trees - seriously! -and enjoy the center of the inn - its amazing bath. There are few stores or commercials centers nearby.


Simple country style meals can be prepared on request, or you can bring your own food and use the communal kitchen and outside BBQ.   A place like this is a real find in Japan!”                                                                                               Cheryl H., Tokyo

A Traditional Inn without Traditional Customs
Kaneki, which means golden tree, is an affordable country inn with modern booking arrangements. Meal packages are available, but you can also choose to use the guest kitchen at your leisure.  Our rooms are pure Japanese style, guests sleep on tatami mats on soft futons, while white sliding shoji screens filter the light from the outside. 
Our Waters
Hot spring bathing is a national obsession in Japan, and at Kaneki the waters are pure and unfiltered, flowing directly from the source as they have been for the last four generations.  The waters run slowly 24 hours a day - so they are always clear and clean.  There are two intimate bathing rooms - to use alone, or as a couple as often as you wish.
Mountain Air, Cherry Blossoms, Lush Forests, Lovely Views
At Kaneki, the air is pure, and in spring the blossoms are gorgeous- in summer the foliage is lush.  We have a lovely 2nd floor terrace to sit back, relax with a beverage and take in the Japanese countryside at its finest. You will feel like you are part of a Miyazaki movie. 
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