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Guest Rooms and

Accomodation Plans    

All our rooms are traditional with Japanese futons on tatami mats and tables and pads for seating on the tatami as well.  Hot pots are available for tea and coffee service in the rooms.  There is not daily maid service and bathrooms are at the end of each 2nd floor hall.   


We have a accommodation and meal plans to meet any requirements; from budget plans to have-it-all.  We are not completely traditional because meals are not included in our rates, and must be arranged in advance.  Self catering is available in our large kitchen and outdoor BBQ- which is open to guests.  Our inn is also available for group bookings, conferences and corporate getaways.  Groups can reserve the entire inn if desired for reasonable rates.  Please feel free to consult us concerning other plans as well. We look forward to making your stay most enjoyable with us.




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Room rates per person / one night  

All our guest rooms are on the 2nd floor, Japanese style with tatami mats, shoji screens and futon.


*Room size: 4.5 tatami mats

6,500yen for 1 person

6,000yen for each person (for 2 people)


*Room size: 6 tatami mats

7,000yen for 1 person

6,500yen for each person (for 2~3 people)


*Room size: 12 tatami mats

8,000yen for 1 person

7,000yen for each person (for 2-3)

6,000yen for each person (for 4 people or more)

*Room size: 16 tatami

9,000yen for 1  person

7,000yen for each person (2-5 people)

6,000yen for each  person (for 6 people or more)

You can rent the whole inn for your various purposes!

The rate is 50,000 (weekdays) or 55,000yen (weekends).

Please feel free to contact us for more details.



Main gathering room with fireplace

Our bathing room

2nd floor Observation deck


Front Door

Entrance Hall

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